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What' we're eating January 11-17

What we’re eating: June 1-7

Ok, the much requested dinner menu is here! Each week I will (read: try to) publish what we’re eating for dinner in hopes it will help you decide on what to get at the grocery, or inspire you to make a healthier choice!

I’m certainly no chef, but knowing that I can prepare a healthy meal that will nourish our bodies is priceless. You can learn just about anything these days. If you don’t know how to cook, just try.

The majority of the food we buy is organic, however, that doesn’t mean you have to buy organic. Do the best you can! A good resource to follow when grocery shopping is the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen, check out a blog I did HERE, and save those lists to your phone to refer to when shopping!

Before I get to the weekly menu, let me give you a little back story on how I plan our meals for the week. Thursday is my grocery day. I plan to either go that day while our cleaning lady is at my house, or I will have groceries delivered via instacart! (huge time saver and worth every penny IMO).

I pull out my dedicated notebook for the grocery+menu for the week while in my kitchen so I can take inventory of what we have on hand while planning for the week and also take a look at our calendar to see if either of us have dinner or an event out! I love looking back through the notebook when nothing sounds good!

On the front side of the paper is where my grocery list goes, and on the back I list out the days of the week for dinner, at the bottom I have a place for lunches.

My rule has always been, COOK ONCE, EAT TWICE. We simply don’t have time to spend every single night in the kitchen cooking, and I know you don’t either! So, I usually try to “cook” max 3x each week!

So, here is what we’re eating this week!



Balsamic chicken with sweet potato and sautéed veggies

So, I will prepare enough to have this two nights. To make things easier, I put my sweet potatoes in the crockpot to cook. The only thing I will not make double of is the veggies since they are super quick I will make a fresh batch on the second night.



Turkey sausage and sweet potato hash, topped with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and red onion. TEB will have an egg on his as well.

Again, I will make double of this and reheat on the stove for the second night.



Greek salad and green lentil pasta with veggies (carrots, peas, red pepper with EVOO and spices)

I will prepare enough to reheat a second night! I will make a fresh salad each night because that is quick!



Balsamic chicken with sweet potato and sautéed veggies

Heat chicken and potato up while sautéing veggies!



Greek salad and green lentil pasta with veggies



Turkey sausage and sweet potato hash



Cassava flour blueberry pancakes because, FRIYAY

(recipe coming soon)


Pro tip: cook your potatoes in the crock pot! Throw them in and forget about them!

Left overs tip: reheat everything on the stove. It doesn’t feel like “left overs” if you do that!

Meat: we order all of our meat from Buy Ranch Direct. The animals are humanly raised and they practice sustainable farming. You can check their site out and order here.

The only thing we really “prep” are Tim’s lunches and we do that on Sunday! I prefer to batch cook (like above), since it works best for our lifestyle. We do not prep lunches for me, I typically will throw a bowl together with leftover veggies and some greens! We try to have 3-4 of our dinners each week without meat since that is never the main attraction in our house! This week, it happens to be 3.

If you need a little sweet treat to have after dinner this week, these chocolate cookies are to die for!





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